Oh, I Just Delivered!

39 weeks pregnant v/s 1 week post partum.

Okay, so this post goes up to just send out a message that working out and staying active throughout pregnancy is definitely a positive👆

I’ve always been keen on staying fit rather than loosing weight. The inclination towards staying fit probably comes from the fact that I’ve been professionally involved in a sport (lawn tennis) for almost half my life. 

An important message I’d like to put across is that what actually did me good was staying dedicated and consistent with my workouts prior to delivery rather than worrying about the weight piled up post delivery.I tried to stay active and fit until even a week before I delivered. Make sure you focus more on maintaining your fitness level rather than watching your weight because getting back in shape post delivery depends mostly on your fitness level rather than watching your weight. 

Talking of watching weight, I had gained 9 kgs through your pregnancy. My little man weighed 3.250 kgs at birth which according to my doctor was a healthy number.So don’t worry if you haven’t really put on weight throughout pregnancy, focus on eating right and homemade fresh food. 

My pregnancy workouts included:

-prenatal yoga 

-weight training (focussing more on own body weight exercises) 

-for cardio I walked everyday about 4-5 times a weeks for 45 minutes to an hour depending on how I felt each day. 

I juggled between the above workouts throughout the week. On alternate days I did yoga & weight training and walked to warm up before each workout.

Many people are skeptical about working out during pregnancy in Indian culture. Be your best judge and push yourself to your personal best and don’t compete during this phase.Get a personal trainer who specialises in prenatal  training and get them and your doctor to convince your family members about the benefits of working out throughout pregnancy.  In my case, I thanked my mommy for getting convinced, and letting me do what it takes.

That’s it for now and will keep you’ll posted on my workouts post pregnancy in the following posts.Hope the above info helps people who are in seek of such help. 

Stay fit & Happy motherhood👶🏻 
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