That ‘stay safe’ period

Throwing it way back to my first day at the gym after the first 3-4 months of ‘stay safe’ period during pregnancy. 
The general belief, as soon as you get pregnant is that you need to safeguard the little one in you until she/he settles in the womb to a certain extent. Sticking to this belief, I chose not to workout at the gym for the first 4 months of my pregnancy. Also another reason I chose not to go was cause the weights and equipment would just tempt me to use them a ‘little’ atleast. In order to resist this temptation, I choose to keep it slow and stayed home during this period.Note that I said ‘not to workout at the gym’ which doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything at all. I still managed to walk for half hour/45 minutes and stretch out my body completely on days I didn’t feel so low and nauseated. 

There were days where I didn’t feel like doing anything at all and all I did was listen to my body and not to anything(This could go on for a week at a stretch too. Don’t press on it. There will be days where you will feel much more energetic. Push yourself a little more on those days.) Nausea did give me a hard time and I ended up loosing some weight in the first 3 months cause along with nausea I didn’t really feel the urge to eat. Things really picked up in the following months though. 

Here, I’m posting a picture from my first day at the gym after the ‘stay safe’ break I had taken. 
Until later,Happy motherhood👶🏻 



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