All about posture. 

All about posture. 
This was snapped when I was in my 18th week of pregnancy at the gym. 

My trainer has slowly incorporated a couple of more own body weight exercises by now. Most of them were what I was already
used to doing, with slight alterations. 

For eg. Instead of the dolphin plank I switched to doing the plank with my palm on the ground instead of the elbows on the ground. (Here in the pictures, I’ve put up pictures of both variations).The same with the side planks. The plank is a great exercise to tone the entire body. In fact today, it forms a part of my warm up!

Also, the areas of focus were outer thigh and inner thigh. Try strengthening the muscles that aid in achieving a normal delivery. The pelvic region, hips, inner and outer thigh, back etc. 

Use the abductor and adductor machines. We also did a few floor exercises focusing on the thigh areas using ankle weights. Hip raises for the back.Squats, sumo squats, lunges for the lower body. Use weights for the lower body depending on your strength level. 

More than using weights, the focus was on doing more repetitions. 

I didn’t really expect to start a blog or share pictures of pregnancy workouts at that point of time, so I’m just sharing whatever few I have:) 

Happy training 💪🏼


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