It’s all in you!

My first post for the bright year coming ahead! So, the little one and me are running into this new year-He with his aghoo’s and maa’s ;               Me like literally running!πŸ˜‰

It’s been about 10 weeks since I gave life to this little bundle of joy and life could not have been better! The sleepless nights are getting better though he continues to wake up for feeds, the frequency is lesser! Breastfeeding doesn’t feel like a ‘task’ anymore as the number of feedings have reduced. 

It’s so heart warming to watch a little one observe and familiarise his surrounding.Our little one here likes his share of attention already, calling out if no familiar faces are aroundπŸ™„ 
So getting to my fitness routine, I’ve been running for the last 3 weeks and I feel great! Most of my runs have been at home-on the treadmill, as the need to stay in proximity to the little one is priority:) My run days are being alternated with some own body weight exercises,abs,leg strengthening workouts etc. on the other alternate days. 

So this is how a week’s fitness schedule looks like: 

Day 1-Walk & Run for 30 minutes. Play around with the inclination and speed options depending on how your body is responding.

Day 2-Abs. Try out many variations. The front plank and side planks are a must!

Day 3-Run for 20 minutes.(Keep a margin of 5 minutes to warm up and cool down). 

Day 4-Leg day. Lots of own body weight kicks.(Can make use of ankle weights if necessary). Use weights to do squats, lunges, sumo squats, calf raises.(5-7 kgs Dumbbells). 

Day 5-Run for 20 minutes.(Keep a margin of 5 minutes to warm up and cool down).Try variations on the treadmill for about 8-10 minutes eg. back running, side running, lunge walking , crossover running etc. 

Day 6-Stretch your entire body well. Include some yoga asanas. Sun salutations, warrior poses, breathing variations, bridge pose etc. 

Day 7-Rest
I’m glad I’ve been able to catch up on the fitness front from home itself. It does take some motivation for you to put on those running shoes and get going. A little tip I’d like to share is to ‘plug in some music’! It really gets my energy up:) 

So that’s all for now all you mama’s and to-be-mama’s…Happy motherhood πŸ‘‘ 

Keep that sweat trickling πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ


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