Routine baby. Routine you. 

So it’s been a good 4 months…and I’m beginning to get a routine on my gym workouts! The great thing about moving from month 3 to 4 is that the baby seems to develop a routine about his/her daily activities(make sure you help him/her with that. i.e If you’ve started on semi solids, time it around the same time everyday. Also, I feed him totally on demand and it seems to work just fine).So my weight training workouts are still in the basic strength level where I choose to do 2 muscle areas every alternate day. I follow the same variation of exercises for about 3 weeks. For example, today’s muscle areas in focus were the back & biceps.Variations included: 

-pull ups with leg support

-lateral pull down 

-seated cable row

-hyper extension 

-barbell curl


-concentration curl 

So when I say basic, it’s with reference to the kind of variations for all muscles. Like today, I would’ve usually done variations like deadlift/T bar row but chose not to until I reach the strength level I had prior to pregnancy. Reason being, though it’s only been about 4 months since I saw the face of weights, not to forget is that I only stuck to very basic exercises throughout pregnancy.So the gap is wide. A year to be precise. Therefore, take it slow with pushing your limits right now but be very very consistent. Less but routine is the key! 

Here are a few pictures of the little one from today. Was so happy to see him though I was out of sight only for about 2 hours. He’s beginning to love wobble-standing🙈 

I think it’s a great break for a new mom to spend an hour or two just doing what she enjoys. And choosing to workout is just the right one! 

Happy motherhood👼🏻


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